My name is Jodi Lilly. I first met the Goddess of Now in May 2006. In one way or another, She’s been talking to me ever since. I have had a series of dialogues with her over the years and am now feeling it is time to share what has been entrusted to me.

Though I have always been moved by the very idea of The Goddess, most of the old goddesses never held my attention for long with the exception of Brigid, who spoke to me from the first encounter I had with her through the channeling of a friend. The Goddess of Now is among us to remind us of the Love, Beauty, Strength, Wisdom and Truth of who we really are. Not just women, but all people. We have lost touch with the things that really matter, in so many ways. It is time now to re-member who we are and what we came to do.

I am honored to walk beside you as we journey forward into our wholeness–our holiness–at the very important point in time. I look forward to hearing about your experiences with the Goddess of Now as you invite her into your experience.

With deep Love,

Jodi has a special passion for working with women. Her professional life began with a long career as a hairstylist. In 1997, she began practicing as a professional Intuitive Consultant employing a variety of wisdom tools, including astrology, numerology, energy work and much more. In 2009, she discovered a passion for hoop dance and founded Goddess Hoop Dance as a platform from which to teach and share with other women, the joy of playful, embodied movement, with a hoop. The through-line of all of this has been her connection to the Goddess, the Feminine Divine that lives at the heart of each of us.

Over time, it has become clear that women are hungry for richer, more spiritually and emotionally satisfying lives. That all begins within. The shift from creating our lives from a place of outer, action-driven focus to inner, soul-directed focus, takes practice. The rewards are great for those with the courage to challenge the status quo and begin living a more from the heart.

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