At the Dark of the Moon – Monthly Goddess Circles

The Goddess of Now is here to offer something new to the mix.

Each month the moon disappears from view, as it wanes, at the end of its cycle, to complete darkness, before begining the next cycle of creation. Although we may not think of it as such, there is much that goes on during this dark time.

This is when the real magic happens!
This is when we purge the past.
This is when the deep release that allows complete renewal is possible.
This is when our instinctive nature speaks loudest.
This is when something fresh is initiated.
This is when hope is renewed.
This is when we can start fresh.
This is when we can begin, again.

The Taurus New Moon/Dark of the Moon Call with the Goddess Of Now Activation is on Wednesday, April 26th at 12:00 PDT/3:00 EDT

We will be talking about the unique energies surrounding this New Moon and about skillfully navigating the transitional periods we all go through in our lives.