Conversation with the Goddess

Clearing in the Forest (c)2009 Jodi Lilly

“Would you like a bit of help with this then?” I hear her lilting Irish accent laced through the words. “It seems you are struggling for the right words. Relax, child, and let it come. This is my story. The least I can do is help you tell it. You are doing the work of putting it down. Not a moment too soon, either, I might add. I was beginning to wonder if this day would ever come. Well, when this day would come. I knew that eventually your curiosity would get the best of you and we would have our time of creation together, just as we have in so many other periods and places.”

“Thank you, Goddess!”

“Brigid, please call me Brigid.”

“Brigid, then. Where shall we begin?”

“Let us begin with one of our more memorable periods together. Let us begin with the last gathering of my daughters in the time just before the fall. Do you remember? Close your eyes for a moment, and travel with me back through time to that sacred moment of Beltane Eve, so many centuries ago. Now tell me, what do you see?”

It’s a little cloudy, no, it’s just dark. I’m walking bare-footed through a dense grove of trees. I am with my sister and two of our friends. Normally we would be chattering away but not tonight. Tonight we are silent. It is important that we not be followed or caught. We know these woods like the backs of our own hands, having played among these trees since we were little children.

I see the glow of a fire in the distance. I know it is in the clearing and we are meeting there. As we draw closer I see that we are all dressed in long white flowing robes that are made of a fine fabric that glides over my legs as I walk. Mother hands each of us a candle that we helped to make and we take our places in the forming circle of women and girls. Mother takes her candle to the fire and lights it. She walks over to my older sister and lights her candle, she then turns to me and lights mine, I turn to sweet Marie and light hers from mine, and so on, until each candle has been lit from the one before.

When the last candle has been lit we hold a circle of fire surrounding the fire. We stand in sacred silence recognizing our unity, or sisterhood, the love of the Goddess that has united us for as long as time has been. We are innocent and worldly, at once. The purity of our robes against the fiery light we hold and behold, reflects the spark of light that gleams in our eyes.

We are ancient and timeless and ready for this day. Side by side we stand in our circle, in loving recognition of the energies that flow through and all around us, down through time. The Mother is with us in all her guises, the women we have been gather round in etheric, silent witness to our remembrance on this day.

The seal has been broken. Once one knows it is available to all with eyes to see and ears to hear. Here in this sacred grove of ancient oaks we raise out candles to the Divine She that lives in all who breathe, in all that has life.

We invoke the Goddess, She of Many Faces, She of Many Names, The Great Uniter, the Feminine Divine.

Our voices rise in incantation and song with absolute knowing that we will always be united in spirit. My heart opens and floods my body with the truth of the words. We will always recognize one another, though we will be parted many times and for lifetimes. We are and will always be, the Sisters of the Wild Divine.

And now it is all flooding back to me. I know, again. This is not a dream.

“I have been meeting my sisters for the past few years, now, haven’t I?”

“It has begun. Yes,” she smiled, pleased that the memories were flooding back to me, at last. “You are one who will activate the awakening in others, should that still be your desire.”

“Oh, yes, that has been my desire for some time. I was just unsure of what it was I was here to awaken. Now it is beginning to make sense to me—why I have felt so lost for so long. We had to keep everything a secret in those days, didn’t we? Is that why it has been such a struggle to recall the memories and restore my faith in myself? I felt so lost for so long.”

“I know, dear child. It was better for you to feel lost within yourself than for the information to surface before you were ready to receive it. There was much trauma that occurred after the night you have recalled. That was a bright moment followed by something of a holocaust. On some level you all knew what was in store for you, but it ripped the very fabric of your being to live through it—you and so many others. Forgetting for a period of time was the only way any of you could possibly incarnate again. Some of you still have aspects that are lost and in need of being reclaimed. You know how to do that now, and can assist others in regaining their sacred wholeness, as well.”

To be continued…

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