The Goddess of Now ~ On Breath and Joy

“I pray you are right, Goddess. I wonder sometimes if I have any idea what to do. There was a time when everything was so clear to me; I knew what I believed in, I had a point of view, I studied so many books, and with so many teachers, that I was sure I understood the nature of spirit, and to a lesser degree, the world. Now I realize that those were just the understandings of other people that I adopted as my own. So much of what I believed I now know to be untrue for me,” I looked away, wringing my hands. “There is no ultimate truth, is there? Aside from what rings true to each of us, as an individual, I mean.”

“You are wiser than you know,” She replied with a gentleness that touched my soul.

“Then why do I feel lost so much of the time?” I asked, unable to hide feeling discouraged.

“Feeling lost simply means you have lost touch with the moment and are finding yourself outside of the present, dwelling either in the past or in some future potential. Reel yourself back into your own skin, your own experience of here and now and you will discover the truth of the moment.

“This time of your now is different than time was in the past. It is no longer necessary for you to employ the implements or ingredients or the rituals of days gone by. Today you can facilitate a change in the blink of an eye. With a faithful heart and a clear intention, things in your physical world will indeed undergo change. This is the current state of your ability as the Creator you have always been. Just as you no longer have to go through the laborious process of copying a document by hand, the current state of consciousness and energetic potential allows for a much more graceful process of creation on all levels.

“Just as you can choose to transcribe a document by hand, you can choose to create in any way that is pleasing to you. Know, however, that all of that hocus-pocus is no longer necessary in order for you to create a desired effect.” She winked at me, and we both giggled at her having said, hocus-pocus.

“I have noticed that by simply breathing into the very idea of a problem the energy either dissipates completely or expands so that I can see new potentials arise from what had previously looked like a problem,” I said.

“Precisely! Being present and creating on any level requires the use of the breath. Inspiration is of the breath, after all. Breathing can facilitate a change of mood, a change of mind, the release of old patterns and always brings one back into the body where life is taking place.

“The breath alone can create what you on Earth think of as miracles. In fact, it simply facilitates a flow within the body that releases the last moment and brings one into the present, once again. It is all so simple, really, but not easy when one has been taught, as you have, to be afraid, to hold your breath, to hold on to what you’ve got. The option for allowing yourselves to be with what is and live in joy, is now available. There is always so much to be grateful for, after all. Beauty and grace permeate the very ground you walk on,” she reminded me.

“I do wish humans could see the abundance that surrounds them and would bask in the joy of being alive, here on Earth. There is nothing that compares with this jewel of a planet, you know. No place where the music is sweeter, the colors more vibrant or the heart of love more accessible than here on Earth,” She twirled around, caught up in the beautiful vision she had created for both of us to see.

“Is it enough to follow joy? Is that really the great lesson we are all here to learn?” I had always liked the idea of this but was more than challenged to actually live in this way on any consistent basis.

“Joy will lead you home to your true Self. To deny joy is to deny your Divinity. Most of you humans have held yourself back for so many lifetimes that you have no real idea what it is anymore that is joyful to you. You have become afraid of your true nature. And that is why so many feel lost and spend lifetimes seeking for something outside themselves that will help them to feel at home in their lives. Instead, they wind up taking one detour after another that take them in directions that in time they see lead them right back where they were before but now all the more frustrated for having wasted so much time pursuing something that was little more than an illusion and a waste of precious resources, most importantly, their time.”

“And simply following joy is the answer? Really? It seems so simplistic,” I told her.

“Oh, my dear girl, life has been made to appear complex. The game is more interesting to humans this way. Free will allows you to make your choices and pursue any course you choose. There is no penalty for not reaching the finish line, you simply come back and rejoin the game at another point. Surely you haven’t forgotten that,” she said.


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