Conversations With The Goddess – The Time is Now

And so, Goddess, of what shall we speak today?

“My daughters are waking up. One after another, I see them stretching and yawning and moving into this deeper place that has always been within them but fear kept them from knowing.

“Look around you, invitations to go deeper, strengthen the core, and explore aspects of the Feminine that  previously went unnoticed and untouched, are everywhere.

“The body is key. Body and breath work together to open you to deeper awareness, allow you access to more profound, yet simple truths that will unlock a myriad of information coded into your very DNA.

“Movement, dance, laughter, and singing, all facilitate this opening. Joy is the key that unlocks these deeper levels. If you are not in joy, you are not really living.

“It is of the utmost importance that you cultivate an attitude and atmosphere of joy and celebration in your life. This is where appreciation and gratitude come in. As you open to the awareness of that which is beneficial, uplifting, inspiring and transformative in your life, it will become nearly impossible to avoid falling on your knees in gratitude and appreciation for the blessings in your life!”

Her lilting laughter filled the room. Delight over the idea of people so moved by the good in their lives twinkled in her sky blue eyes.

“Joy is of of the essence. When you are in a state of joy, you are aligned with your spirit. The very you-ness of you is expressing!

“Conversely, when there is an absence of joy, you have moved out of alignment with your spirit. Even the most exciting of manifestations will not reconnect you if you are dwelling outside your true nature.

“This is the reason that so often humans believe that if they reach a certain goal, say, for example, they want a new car. And only the red convertible with the shiny silver wheels will do. Should they acquire this vehicle eventually, though they may initially feel thrilled to have their dream realized, in short order the thrill will evaporate if they have not also made the internal adjustment of aligning with their spirit.

“Though there are surely things that reflect your essence, your spirit, those things are external to you and as such, have no power or effect, without the internal connection to spirit.

“This means that it is of the utmost importance that you are honest with yourself about what does and doesn’t work for you. if something doesn’t feel right, honor that. If something appeals to you but you don’t know how it would fit into your life or don’t have a context for it, honor the fact that something has been sparked within you. If you follow through, and act on it, you will later discover the reasons for the attraction and the gifts it is designed to reveal about your true nature.

“Oftentimes, humans dismiss the things they feel joy in or attraction to because they don’t currently have a context for this thing, or a vehicle through which to express it. There is overmuch value put on logic, when in fact, humans are really not designed to be so logical.

“You are magical, miraculous beings, capable of so much more than you currently have any awareness of being.

“This is where I come in and is the key reason for my return. It is time, now, for things to change. This is indeed a new era. A new world is beginning to emerge from the ashes of the one that kept people paralyzed with fear and grief and controlled them with mass manipulation.

“”That experiment is over. And none too soon, in my opinion. It nearly cost the devastation of the earth Herself, with the extremes that were allowed.”

Though she remained seated, her already excellent posture grew more regal as she spoke. My eyes widened to take in every word and the meaning beneath them. I was in the presence of a queen whose nation had fallen prey to invaders and was finally ready to reclaim her territory and set things right.

Awed by the dramatic shift I just witnessed, the hair on my arms stood at attention as I listened. I knew that her appearance here and now was important but it was finally sinking in that a monumental shift in the dynamics of life on the planet, itself, was in play.

August 8, 2009 (c) Jodi Lilly

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