Embrace Your Glorious Womanhood

Where do we go from here? What is the next step, dear Goddess?

Embrace your glorious womanhood whole-heartedly. Own your feminine urges and energies. Allow yourself to indulge your senses, beautify your environment and love those you love. Love without question or hesitation, that which you love. It is the key to the map of your life that leads you home to all you are.

There is no great mystery here, just that which has been held within the deeper realms of knowing. The feminine mystique involves that which changes beneath the surface, whether the surface of my earth or the surface of your skin, in the heart of your organs, the fluttering of your belly or the racing of your pulse.

The female body, giver of life, vehicle of nurturing, comfort, solace and shelter from the emotional storms of life, holder of wisdom, bestower of caring, instinctive and cunning, clever and kind.

It is time to restore the Feminine wisdom in all humankind. Are you ready? This is the task of balancing the dominant Masculine has run amok in its overarching expressions of power.

Power is much misunderstood.

Power is indeed an illusion. Intrinsic strength is a product of integrity and an inner harmony. Anything that expresses in dominance is out of balance and out of fear appears and acts out in ways that threaten and destroy in an attempt to hold on to its insecure position. Insecure because it was not inspired by a desire to create but sprang from a fear of vulnerability and therefore, not built on a solid foundation.

True power is accessed when one is standing in the light of truth and love, buoyed by grace.

Think of the women’s circles that have gone on for millennia. These engage a sacred connection through the creative process that inspires, uplifts and blesses each one in a way that does not occur when one is alone.

There is wholeness in circles. There is room for all in a circle. There is acknowledgment of all sitting face to face in a circle. Wisdom has always been shared in circles. Round is good.

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