Energize Your Vision – Cause An Effect

Do you have a vision for your life that you have yet to realize? This spring and summer, more than any in recent memory, has been a time of profound change. This is not necessarily a negative thing. The energetic cycles of this summer, especially, support new endeavors. The big questions is, will we choose to take advantage of the shifting tides and consciously set a new course for ourselves, or be swept up in the default wave that is being created in the culture and the world. What if we choose to cause an effect rather than being at the effect of whatever came before. I asked the Goddess of Now to weigh in on how we can stop feeling like victims of what’s going on and use our visions of what it possible to make a positive difference.

Goddess, how would you suggest we become more proactive in the face of the shifting energies we are experiencing today? How can we transform our approach so that we are effective in adding something positive to the world?

Hello, my dear! My daughters are up against a rising tide of disturbance in the field that profoundly affects them — body and being. This has happened many times before but this time there are more of you who are aware of one another. More of you have worked together. You know that you are not alone. You have the world at your fingertips, with your technologies and can encourage and cheer one another on in creating a new experience. 

The trick is to shift from the old way of ’cause and effect’ to a mindset that is geared to rather ‘Cause an Effect’.

  • Get clear on specific intentions for your life.
  • Make a point of sitting with the energy of the new realities you choose to create.
  • Spend time writing, daydreaming, imagining and enjoying the vision.
  • Give it energy, first! Revisit your vision, often, until it feels real to you. 
  • Keep it to yourself. Sharing before it is time, diffuses the energy and breaks the momentum. 
  • Once your vision feels right and ripe, speak of it only to others of like mind.
  • Keep coming back to the vision.
  • As your vision becomes more tangible, feel free to update, or refine the details.
  • Make decisions based on achieving your desired intention.
  • Take steps in that direction. 

As you become more practiced at playing with new possibilities you will realize how much influence you really have on your circumstances and their outcomes. You are living in a rapidly shifting paradigm that you have the ability to profoundly effect, if you so desire. It is important to remember that the world is not as is was before and the old rules no longer need apply. The more you honor yourself and your vision of what is possible, the more things can shift in that direction. Your abilities grow stronger with use. Think of this as a passion for the possible! It all starts with imagination. If you can imagine it, it is possible, Now.

Love yourself and know you are loved beyond measure. Your desires reveal your reasons for being here at this time, your true purpose. As you honor and energize them, you will notice your strength and belief in yourself expanding. This is indeed a new day and a new time… the time you have waited a lifetime to see. You have a legion of Light encouraging and cheering you on. Seize this beautiful moment of Now and rejoice in the brilliant possibilities!



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