I am excited to share that I have been interviewed as part of The 3rd Annual Goddess Talk Sessions Global Event. My interview will air on September 27, 2017. You can sign up to hear all 16 interviews at the link below.

Coming Soon: The 3rd Annual Goddess Talk Sessions Global Event

A divine feminine gathering for women who want to Reclaim Their Voice and Speak Their TruthCome! >>

Past Events

The Goddess Revolution, featuring The Goddess of Now

The Goddess Revolution, featuring the Goddess of Now, is a six-week, thirteen call event, for women, hosted by Adela Rubio and Jodi Lilly, to explore and bring forth the creative possibilities within us. We gather to reclaim our Feminine Divine, that brilliant spark of divinity that lives in our hearts, and recreate our vision of what is possible for each of us.

The Goddess of Now, essentially the Goddess of the Heart, is our guide for discovering how to live more fully in the moment, and recalibrate ourselves so that we may bring the best of what we are to the world, as capable, unique and inspired women.

The Goddess Revolution wrapped on March 18th. We are now offering a package including recordings of 13 calls, a Guidebook to The Goddess Revolution (available on April 15th) and a few other bonuses.

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