Goddess of Now ~Living in the Moment

“Let us speak about living in the moment, then. There is nothing more important than this, at this point in time. You cannot know your heart if you are not in the present, where it is beating,” She brought her hands to her chest. “What a wonderful feeling—the rhythm of Life itself, steadily keeping you in time. It is a wonder that any of you get anything done with such a wonder going on inside you. Oh, it is like a song!” She closed her eyes and with a rapturous look on her face began to hum.

“I agree, Goddess. I discovered the magic of my heart beat and found it so compelling. I fell in love with the sound of my own heart. It is very different than the beat of a drum, as I once thought it would be. You can hear the magic threaded through its music. No wonder we are so taken with the heart and so afraid of it at the same time,” I raised my eyebrows feeling I was on to something.

“Ah, yes. Love and fear. The heart and the heart protector working as a team to keep you alive. The heart wants to reach out and dance with life. The heart protector is the faithful servant of the heart, working overtime, hyper vigilant, in some, to keep the heart safe and make sure nothing that could damage it or harm it in any way ever gets too close. This is the essence of humanity’s struggle with duality. Do I have the courage to live the Love that I am or is this too dangerous? Can I have what my heart desires or will the cost be too great, somehow? If I step boldly into all I am and allow the world to see the colors and music of my heart, will they embrace me or will they judge my colors as insignificant or lacking in some way. Can I stand boldly, heart in hand, and love what I love and be who I am and not be shunned or killed for it, as I was in the past? These are the questions that mankind has been afraid to ask, given the rampant fear that has enveloped your world for so long,” the Goddess shook her head.

“I have been telling the old gods that it was time to temper this, that it had gone on long enough. People are only human, after all. They can only hold on to hope for so long before they finally tumble, once again, into despair losing all faith in Life and Love. They wouldn’t hear of it, though. They agreed that the timetable was a good one and that things must be allowed to play out as they would. The old dense energy is still the most common, though there are growing pockets of light where humans have found ways to access the light of their own spirit. The dark can’t hold a candle to that kind of radiance, you know.” She smiled at her stab at a joke.

I felt as though She was speaking directly to my experience, having been so close to giving up altogether more than once. I have often wondered if there really was a way to live the rich, abundant, heartful life I had craved for so long. Something in me was unwilling to give up and I had persevered through some very dark days.

“So it is really by monitoring our own heart that we are able to live in the present. Is that what you are saying?”

“Yes, in coming back to the heart and even more simply, to the breath, one cannot help but live in the present more of the time.

“It is also true that everything that has touched you, moved you, changed you in some significant way is held in the heart. The heart protector is the one that decides what you are ready to remember and what is to be kept at bay until your consciousness has expanded sufficiently enough to integrate the experience. This is the road one must walk in order to evolve enough to live from the heart. As long as the darkness, that which is unconscious, is held in the heart it will be limited in its capacity to freely express its true loving nature.”

“That makes sense to me. It does make it hard though, since the memories I am still in the dark about are not part of my conscious reality. How do I access them?” I asked.

“In the case of the unconscious mind, you don’t access it, it accesses you, in a matter of speaking. When you are ready for the information it will surface of its own accord. The body has its own wisdom and the soul its own timing. This is one of the reasons it is essential not to judge yourself for what you have or haven’t done or for being what you call ‘stuck’. If there is a feeling of stuckness it means the individual is at a crossroads about which way to go. One part of the self has an agenda that another part of the self is in resistance to. You are all such complicated creatures in your humanness! You can make even the simplest of things enormously challenging. This does create fascinating nuances, and tremendous emotion, with all its vibrant colors and tones, it adds to the experience you wouldn’t have had, if you had simply turned right and been done with it.” She said.

I nodded my head in agreement, “We humans are nothing, if not creative.”

“Indeed you are. And that is part of the reason for free will on your planet. Only with free will can you create almost an infinite number of possibilities that will facilitate any kind of experience the soul and personality desire. The individuality of each of you is a sight to behold and ought to be a cause for celebration, though this is seldom the case. Unless one reaches the status of artist or is a star in one field or another, most are either misunderstood or harshly judged by your society. Ah, but this, again, brings us back to free will. Even being harshly judged is an experience some have chosen for themselves.” The Goddess turned to the window, deep in thought.


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