The Goddess of Now on the Post-Leo Eclipse Energies

The energies following the Leo Eclipse are potent. So much magic in the air. So much potential birthed into being. So much Love and Light unleashed in impossible colors that inspire us to see more than we could see before. Love is a rainbow, a promise of Joy. Light is Wisdom calling us forth. This is the dawn of a new day and way. This is True, if that’s what you say!

The Leo New Moon Eclipse occurred ten days ago, activating situations, circumstances and events that are calling each of us to up our game. This energetic ‘fresh start’ offers an opportunity to do things differently, look at the world around us with new eyes, to err on the side of kindness, see the people in our world with greater compassion and, yes, LOVE. Leo is the sign that rules the physical and etheric heart, and love is one of Leo’s basic tenents.

Eclipses amp up the energy in a way that is undeniable. If things in your world have been stable, expect some rocking and rolling in the days and weeks to come. If you are one who seeks out change, this is your time to shine. If you prefer to keep things steady, this may be more challenging for you.

This is not the time to invest in the future, but to focus your energy in the Now, and do what you can to put yourself on solid ground. This means something different to each person reading this. This may mean cleaning up those areas of your life that have needed attention for some time. It may mean organizing your closets. It could be that you realize it is time to let go of relationships or projects that leave you feeling exhausted. Or maybe you no longer know what you want.

I’ve asked the Goddess to weigh in on how we can best navigate the energies of this post-Leo Eclipse period.

The Goddess of Now 

As you  have learned, things in your outer world are a reflection of your inner world. So, as you experience turbulence around you, know that this is a reflection of the profound changes that are happening within you. The important thing to remember is that you have the power to decide what things mean for you. Though some are feeling at the effect and in reaction to what is going on in the world around them, you are not obligated to join them. The more aware you are of how you are feeling, in any given Now, the more you have the ability to stop and ask yourself if this is what you choose to experience. You are free to shift your perspective and thus, upgrade the meaning you give to anything you are considering. 

Start by surrendering your resistance. Instead of pushing against that which is not desired, allow the experience to move through you, acknowledging, and feeling it fully. Do not make up a story about what it means. That only creates more resistance and makes it harder to untangle yourself. Once you have fully felt the emotion and sensation, breathe deeply, relaxing completely, and imagine it all washing through and away from you. 

Keep letting go until you feel completely neutral, or at least much less charged. Repeat the process, if necessary. Once you feel free you will be able to see the experience with greater insight into what it was about for you. 

The rules to the game of life have changed, giving you greater freedom to choose where you will invest your energy. This requires a lot of letting go of the way things have been, and consciously choosing differently, over and over and over. Real power is the power to choose for oneself, in the Now. It takes some practice to get proficient at it, but you have everything to gain from consciously reclaiming your abilities as the Creator of your life. Begin doing this the next time you feel yourself at odds with something. The more you practice this simple method for clearing out the old, the more effectively it works. In no time, you will be moving through situations that used to take you months or even years to resolve, in mere moments. 

Thank you, Goddess! May this transmission help each of you reading this to move gracefully through the shifting energies, as well learn more about what the magnificent Leo Eclipse activated for you. May all of your shifts bring you greater insights into the truth of who you are and expand your life experience in miraculous ways.

With Love and many Blessings,

Jodi of Now


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