How to Live in the Now – Goddess of Now

“You have been wandering around blindfolded for so long you think it is normal,” the Goddess said. “The layers of veils over your head – some of which you personally chose to put on, to diminish the ability to see that which you could no longer tolerate witnessing – are now falling away. One by one, sometimes several at a time, their weight is lifting from you.

“No longer will it be necessary to bury yourself in layers of delusion and protection in order to function in the human body. Seeing more clearly and being freed of the weight of ‘protection’ does have its consequences. It means that you are responsible for managing your experiences, monitoring your level of exposure to things that feel like too much, in your heightened state of awareness. No longer will you have the energetic buffers that allowed you to carelessly dwell in toxic environments and not notice the effects. There were indeed effects, but so buffered were you from sensing them, they did not register in your consciousness as they otherwise would have.

“As you free yourself from these safeguards and old beliefs about what you should and shouldn’t feel, how you should and shouldn’t behave, and so on, you get to know how you actually feel and what your true response is to the things and experiences the world is offering you.

“As you challenge the assumptions that you must do this, and help with that, and that you owe anybody anything, things begin to change in your experience.

“It becomes crystal clear what is right for you and what is not. No longer will you find yourself stuck in analysis-paralysis, as you put it. The ability to recognize and move in the directions that work perfectly – as if they were designed for you – (they were, by the way) rise up and all but call your name.

“Let yourself feel what you feel, see what is in front of you and greet the day with an open heart. There is so much that awaits you. Do what you can to be present with ‘what is’ and honor the responses of your body. It will take some practice to come out of the automatic default of your conditioned responses that tell you this is good and this is bad. It has never really been about good or bad. The correct response is the one that feels right to you Now.

“So many humans feel that because they once liked something and it worked well for them, then it is the answer to that particular question. As you well know, the river of life is ever changing, as are you. The present moment is the only place you ever live and it is from this moment that you have the freedom to choose which of the myriad potentials you will engage, and what you will do next.

“Energy + Attention + Time = Life”

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