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Jodi has worked for over 20 years as an Intuitive Consultant, drawing on wisdom tools such as astrology, numerology and many more. You can read much more about that at Light In Motion.

A whole new world of focus began to open after writing and working with the wisdom of The Goddess of Now. It’s become apparent that women can use support in reclaiming their Feminine Superpowers and integrating them into their lives.

“As women, we have so much to offer the world but so often, the world hasn’t known how to receive us. If we are ever going to change that, we must start with ourselves, reconnect to that which gives us feminine power, such as harmony, grace, emotional intelligence, beauty, inner strength, and own our abilities to make a positive difference, in a way that feels energizing, to ourselves and those around us.

When we are able to align with more of who we are and what makes us tick, we become powerhouses and lighthouses. Others are attracted by what we offer. Our gifts can be received because we are able to offer them without strings or conditions or fear that we will be misunderstood.” – Jodi Lilly 

Goddess Guidance Sessions help you align with the heart of what matters to you.

These sessions can assist you in:

~Understanding your natural timing (so you know when to act and when to wait)

~Upgrading your relationship to your feminine body (because who doesn’t want to feel better in her body?)

~Becoming attuned to receiving reliable intuitive guidance (understand the difference between the voices of guidance and fear)

~Trusting your body wisdom (your body is smart and it is always talking to you…) 

~Having greater confidence in decision-making (decisions can be stressful. this will help.)

~Reconnecting with your inner reservoirs of love, joy and abundance (tapping into these things makes a huge difference in the quality of your life)

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Clients Say…

I highly recommend Jodi Lilly. Jodi is an expert and intuitive facilitator. During each of my three sessions, I felt immediate, positive shifts around each of the issues we addressed — things that have been weighing on my momentum and joy for years. After each session, I felt more calm and centered, even more joyful, and noticed that things that easily ‘triggered’ me before my session were either much reduced, or no longer triggered me at all. I literally feel less ‘weighed down’ by the past, and more present and able to focus on my vision in positive ways.

Jamie Walters
Author & Founder, Ivy Sea