Once Upon a Time…


Once upon a time, the world was a safe and friendly place for women. We were revered for our wisdom, inner strength, beauty and brains. Once upon a time, we came together, gathering in nature, to sing our songs, and dance in joyful celebration of the wonder of living on this magnificent planet. Once upon a time, we stood together, caring for one another and our Mother, the earth. Once upon a time, we knew where we belonged, and with whom we were welcome. Once upon a time, we were valued as wisdom keepers, healers, and counselors. We not only belonged to the earth, the earth was our sacred charge. We have come a long way from once upon a time. And one by one, in numbers too large to comprehend, we are awakening, once again, to all we are and all we have been. Rise and shine, sisters! The time is now. 🌞🌺♎️🌈🌞

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