Conversations With The Goddess – The Time is Now

And so, Goddess, of what shall we speak today? “My daughters are waking up. One after another, I see them stretching and yawning and moving into this deeper place that has always been within them but fear kept them from knowing. “Look around you, invitations to go deeper, strengthen the core, and explore aspects of the Continue reading

Embrace Your Glorious Womanhood

Where do we go from here? What is the next step, dear Goddess? Embrace your glorious womanhood whole-heartedly. Own your feminine urges and energies. Allow yourself to indulge your senses, beautify your environment and love those you love. Love without question or hesitation, that which you love. It is the key to the map of Continue reading

The Goddess of Now is The Goddess of the Heart

Now is our only moment of power. The Feminine Divine resides in the heart and grants us access to our wisdom, strength, and highest options, in any given moment. She reminds us of our unique rhythm, reasons and rhymes. That we were born to be originals, and each have our place and purpose, as daughters Continue reading