The Goddess on the Energies of the Aries New Moon 2017

Goddess of Now on the energies surrounding the Aries New Moon

What guidance can you offer us Now, dear Goddess?

There is much energetic momentum underway as this month of March draws to a close.

Venus (your desire nature) going one way, Mercury (your logical self) going the other. People are unsure which way to turn as the cycles converge and divide over and over, again.

Reconsider the roads you’ve recently walked. See what you missed. See what is asking for your notice, your love, your time.

Take your time for the next little while. Let the pieces fall into place. See which pieces no longer fit. See how the picture has changed. See how it feels to take a few steps back and look again.

You are choosing with your attention, that which has a place in your life. If you aren’t happy with the contents of your life, shift your focus, turn toward something that speaks to you Now.

The world within and around you is not the same as it was on January 1st, your New Year’s Day. Here you are, not four months later and major change is under way. Don’t look for stability, learn to ride the waves. Find your dynamic balance and go for the ride of your life! Open your heart to the grandest possibilities you can imagine and entertain those. Make them real for yourself. Feed and nurture them every chance you get.

BE THE CHANGE! This is not just a clever saying. It really is the only way to fly. You’ve earned your wings. Now use them! Set your life on fire and see the brilliant potentials dancing in those flames.

Purify the past. Bless it and send it up in smoke. Sacred smoke sets things right.

Trust the vision your heart embraces. You’ve only just begun!

*Picture is from my walk yesterday evening, shortly before sunset.

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