The Soulful Benefits of Venus in Flux

Dear Goddess, Will you please speak about the energetic currents of the day? I’m particularly interested in the energies of Venus, and her recent retrograde through Aries and into Pisces.

Although I didn’t realize it at the time, our recent Goddess-inspired event coincided with the planet Venus transiting through the retrograde phase of its cycle. Looking at it in hindsight, I see that this fostered an energetic container for women that allowed more profound access to their hearts and psyches. It has also been a confusing time for many.

This has been a time of recapitulation, review; deliberately dipping deeper into that which has been overlooked and undervalued. It was the perfect time for sparking a revolution of the Feminine Divine!

If healing is going to occur among my daughters, they must go beyond the confines of the conscious mind, into the murky waters of emotion, and the mysteries of their physicality. This can be confusing to the mind, but the soul is very much at home in these realms. The soul knows the emotional landscape. It moves through the body, signaling for attention with aches or pain or the racing of your heart beat. The language of the soul is baffling to the mind.

To commune with these deeper layers of the self, one must put the mind aside and trust that there are other kinds of intelligence at work. In opening to more, the heart becomes the governor, guiding the mind through intuition. Information comes in synchronous ways. Faith takes over where judgement once reigned. This is Feminine territory. The map is spiral, all of the lines are curved, each revolution around the map brings you to opens doors revealing much that is unexpected. Time stands still. Past and future converge in the Now. All available, all of value, all part of your divine nature.

The period during which Venus goes retrograde is the journey into the underworld. This is when people find themselves wondering why they are doing what they are doing. They may feel out of sorts or frustrated and not understand why. Those who make the journey inward, to reflect on that which is surfacing for them will have access to greater insights, and resolutions to long-held self-defeating patterns becomes possible.

Those of you who opened your hearts and minds to connecting with the wisdom of the inner Goddess Self will find gems, in the form of insights and inspiration, long hidden, becoming available to you, Now.

Take your time, as you sift through the ashes of what you once believed lost forever. Some things can be hidden or buried but they can never be destroyed. As you begin emerging from the underworld, you will find yourself becoming more resilient, your energy flowing freely, and your spirit dancing, once again, in the light of a new day.

(The Goddess Revolution, was a 6-week event that occurred during the foreshadowing and retrograde phases of the Venus cycle. The event was 42 days, the same amount of time that Venus spends retrograde. Although I wasn’t aware of it at the time, it seems the timing was specific to allowing us to create our event within an energetic container that allowed women deeper access to their hearts and psyches. The Goddess Revolution began on February 4th, just as Venus entered the shadow period of her upcoming retrograde cycle. At the time, she was moving through the last degrees of Pisces. From there, she entered Aries, and on March 4th, about halfway through the sign of Aries, stopped to turn retrograde, back through Aries and into the last degrees of Pisces. On March 26, retrograde Venus was conjunct the Sun in what is known as an ‘inferior conjunction’ which initiated a new 8-year Venus cycle. (And thus completing the 8 year cycle that began in 2009.) Venus approximately 42 days of its cycle moving backward (from the perspective of earth). On Saturday, April 15, Venus resumed forward motion. It will be May 19, before she completely re-covers the ground she has already traveled and enters new territory. Venus only goes retrograde once every 18 months, so the fact that The Goddess Revolution was occurred during that period speaks volumes to this astrologer about the unique timing of this event, that was inspired by the Goddess.)

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