Goddess Awakening

Photo credit – Michael Ramey

Have you noticed the flurry of activity around you? They are waking up now, feeling the draw in the darkest recesses of themselves. The response is instinctive. The animal of the body knows, hears the silent homing tones as they ripple through the ether.

Women all over the world are feeling the stirring of something long-forgotten but never lost. The nameless, faceless, wordless brilliant beingness that is their essential nature is stirring. After lifetimes of being shut up and shut down and lost to themselves and the world that had no place for them. After having their beauty debased, their wisdom punished and their voices silenced, this is a new day.

And one by one by one they are feeling the shift. One after another is reaching out to her sister and asking, ‘Did you feel that? Did something just happen?’

Many are looking around asking how they got ‘here’. Wondering how they allowed themselves to live for so long in the cramped jewelry box of a life they have made do with since they were young girls.

They are starting to realize how much passion and desire has lain dormant within them all along. So busy were they with keeping up with responsibilities and aspirations and other people’s dreams for them that they completely neglected to even stop long enough to consider their own.

Now things are different. It is finally not only possible but promising, that women step into their true gifts and hearts’ desires and begin to express them in the world. The world is attuned to women’s voices today in a way it hasn’t been before. There’s never been a better time to seize the day and say what’s in our hearts.

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