Walk in Beauty

Walk in beauty. Hold your head high. Feel the unbridled feminine energy arise from within.

Walk in silence. Hear your inner voice. Listen to the sweet soul song your heart sings.

Walk in grace. Feel your inner rhythm. Dance to the innate drum beat that moves your feet.

Walk in compassion. Attune to the Love within and all around. Spread that Love around.

Walk in wonder. Open to the beauty of the earth and her creations. Behold the magnificence of Life.

Walk in joy. Breathe it in, then send it soaring in every direction. Be the blessed embodiment of spring that inspires All.

Walk as beauty. SingĀ it from your soul. Know it as your nature. Feel it in your bones. Now, beauty walks as you.


(c) 2017 Jodi Lilly – All rights reserved

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