What is Right For You Now?

“Here is the heart of the matter,” the Goddess said, “It is time to consider what is right for you now. The world has changed so much in the past few years of your time that the assumptions you made, based on what was important to you, and the directions that held promise for you, going forward, are no longer valid. The game of life has changed as humans have evolved. The reasons for doing something now must be based on something far different than that which seemed only reasonable in the past.” She had been looking out the living room window and now turned to see if I was with her.

“The choices have always been up to you, but there are fewer limitations at this time, especially for those of you whose consciousness has continued to expand. There are endless potentials to entertain at each fork in the road and each choice will help to shape the fabric of your life as you step into it. There is no longer a destiny that draws you forth. The time for that has long since passed. The reasons for having a sense of destiny are no longer necessary. The critical point has been passed and you are free to move about your life, creating at will. Truly.” She smiled, and said. “Do you understand the ramifications of this?”

“I’m beginning to feel as though a life-sentence has been reversed and I have my Get Out Of Jail Free card.”

“That is one way of looking at it,” she walked back to the big chair and sat across from me, again. “What you choose to do now will set you on a new course than anything you could have imagined before this time. There are potentials being created all the time just awaiting your notice. Great possibilities are available to you—to everyone—now. The trick is to recognize them and not get caught gazing into the past to the way things were, and what logic tells you something means, today. Logic, as you well know, is deductive reason that calls on the probabilities based on what has already happened. Since the old rules no longer apply logic is no longer a viable tool for navigating the present and certainly not for envisioning the future in any reliable way.”

“That is one of the reasons why people are so afraid right now, isn’t it. They have been doing what they thought was the right thing because that is what worked for them in the past but now instead of working, things are falling apart around them. They followed the leaders, depended on institutions for their well-being, whether it was a financial situation or their physical or mental health and found their trust betrayed. Those institutions somewhere along the line became machines that no longer had any heart and so many were operating strictly to enhance their own financial bottom line. The industries that were created to serve the public more efficiently became self-serving and instead, in so many cases the public is serving and supporting the industries.” I said, shaking my head, amazed at how far we had fallen from the ideals that had shaped modern society and commerce.

“It is time for the individual to take responsibility for their own well-being. This has always been the case, but for a time there was enough cooperation that people were able to work together and create more than any individual alone could accomplish. Cooperation is still necessary for a society that is high-functioning, but there is work to do before that is accomplished. So much of the fall-out that you are presently observing has to do with people having placed their faith and trust outside themselves. Even those who are in positions of what you call power are operating from the false belief that there is not enough and they must grab for as much as they can.

“All of this has finally created a great crumbling of foundations that were built on fear and lack rather than from a perspective of love and prosperity. Fear and lack are states of discord. When they are the basis for something, fear and lack will be found laced through every aspect of that which is created. The only possible outcome will be more fear and much more lack.

“Conversely, when one creates for the love of it and recognizes the state of abundant prosperity that is the true nature of the world and of each human being, that which is created is teeming with the higher vibrational qualities of beauty, grace, appreciation—value is perceived in the very fiber of the creation, and echoes through all of creation in a song of joyful recognition of something that is True, holds value and is life-enhancing,” as she spoke the energy of her words swirled through me and around the room and the creation energy was palpable. I felt passion arise in me at the mere thought of creating from love. Oh, the possibilities are endless!

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